Kathleen Kelly

I work in a professional setting where there is little to no understanding for a mommy blogger going through therapy and staying one step ahead of an emotional breakdown.

Consistently, I’m compromising with myself by using a pen name. Pseudo name aside, everything else is the raw and hones‪t details of my experiences.

I racked my brain for a name, wishing it could be something whimsically romantic like Princess Buttercup or super geeky like Seven of Nine, but I ultimately decided on You’ve Got Mail. 

“No specifics.”

Maybe that’s an ironic metaphor in that Joe and Kathleen may have never gotten together if they’d been specific from the beginning; or maybe they would have always gotten together but sooner…


I already feel like I have to “go to the mattresses” during most of my personal and professional life, and am remarkably horrible at not making everything personal–I want to save every student or orphaned animal that comes within five feet.

So I am Kathleen Kelly; the hubs is Joe; our son is … Fox?…


I don’t know, I still deciding. Fox makes me think too much of Mulder and aliens, which might put a strange (though fascinating) slant on the whole thing. We live in the Mid-west, where both raised in Michigan (and no, Detroit is not ALL of Michigan), and are currently surrounded by so much corn and soy bean fields I panic every time I hear a low flying plane, thinking it’s a crop duster about to crop dust my cats, kid, and self into a premature death.

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